Ematic EM125WP Waterproof MP3 Player

If you’re looking for a waterproof mp3 player that cost under $40 which you can utilize in the swimming pool or on the beach for the period of the summer season check out the Ematic EM125WP Waterproof MP3 player. It has a cylindrical casing that resembles a different waterproof mp3 player called Dolphin MP3 player.

If your into water sports activities and want to bring your music with you without spending a lot of money the Ematic EM125WP can just be the right gadget you’re hunting for. The creator boasted that its completely 100 percent waterproof which will permit you to use it in the swimming pool or any locations where liquid or moist is involved such as in the seashores or in the river.

The Ematic EM12c5WP waterproof MP3 player weighs roughly 0.25 pounds and it has a profile of 6.3 ins in length by 1.9 inches in width. This waterproof mp3 gadget supports both WMA and MP3 music formats. It can also hold about 2 gigabytes of sound so you don’t have to listen to your most wanted songs twice in one day.

The USB 2.0 supplies soaring rate connection to either PC or Mac computers. But be aware that the package information plainly states that this watertight music gadget should not be submerged more than 1 metre or three feet underneath the swimming pool water because the water might possibly seep in if it surpass this threshold.

If you are on a fixed financial budget but desire to use a waterproof music player to aid you in getting motivated in the swimming pool you might want to consider the Ematic EM125WP waterproof mp3 gadget. But it is not highly recommended to wear this waterproof mp3 player if the individual is planning to dive below the 3 feet of water threshold.